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Welcome to where you can use our scanning tools for free, to easily test for accessibility problems. You can enter a Webpage and scan for elements with problems as well as elements that seem okay. We provide these tools to better facilitate the detection and remediation of improper heading and image placement to help you find and fix accessibility issues more easily.

Try the Headings detector to see if you are missing Heading Levels. Try out the Image-Alternative-Text detector to find out if ALT attributes are properly set. When your headings and images are accessible, more people can properly understand your content and a risk of website-accessibility litigation can be reduced.

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A11y is a compact abbreviation for the word "accessibility". The "11" in the middle of the abbreviation A11y stems from certain coding conventions and technical references that shorten long words by substituting middle letters with a number instead (a count of the middle letters.) There are 11 letters between the "a" and the "y," so accessibility becomes a11y. This shortening also assists social media that often requires brevity in the form of fewer characters.